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Greetings from  “Jothi Ceramics”.

Jothi Ceramics introduce ourselves as the pioneers of imported ceramic tiles in India it is probably an understatement. Today we maintain our forte of being one of the leading importers of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, bath fittings and allied products. With its base in Coimbatore, studios and showrooms in the major metropolitans and a sprawling customer base all over the country, we at Jothi Ceramics are proud to have developed a strong bond with our loyal and satisfied clientele which consists of renowned celebrities, architects and builders who are known for their fine taste in life. This has been possible solely because we understand the importance of ambiance along with individual tastes, styles and requirements by giving your ideas a customized outlook.

In today’s time and age where fashions change on the spur of the moment and making a style statement is a must for success, Jothi Ceramics boasts of a collection that will help you keep up with this pace. Our product range consists of porcelain and rustic tiles suited for all terrains along with glass mosaics, sanitary ware, bath fittings and bath cabinets. We have compiled hundreds of wall and floor concepts in various sizes and finishes such as metal, wood, fabric, slate, natural stone, glass, leather, the list just goes on.



➢ To be a leader in ceramic industry. To uphold quality at every stage and maintain consistency to win the Trust of our Valued Customers Worldwide. To Remain as Innovative Global Leader.
➢ We would like to be a Leading Ceramics Tiles Dealers In Coimbatore and also to establish ourselves globally.



We understand the idea of “the more you thought you know, the less you actually know”, therefore at Jothi Ceramics, we are continuously learning about the changing consumer needs and the way to incorporate new products into our product line, to make it relevant for today’s market and lifestyle.